Boho Floral Print Plus Size Sundress

This Floral Plus Size Sundress is as casual as casual can get. It is just the right dress for women who love the warmth of autumn and summer and like to feel the sun on their shoulders. It can be worn for evening parties, picnics with the family or when you just want to feel free.

The Boho Floral Plus Size Sundress is made of linen and cotton making it a very comfortable choice for any type of warm weather. It has a spaghetti strap and a loose fit so it sits comfortably on your body. It has no decorations but the material is designed with print patterns reminiscent of the flowers and sun of autumn and spring.

It is available in multiple sizes including M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL, 4XL, and 5XL meaning there is a size for every woman. It also comes in two main highlights: red and blue.


M 95 37.4 114 44.9
L 100 39.4 116 45.7
XL 105 41.3 118 46.5
XXL 113 44.5 120 47.2
XXXL 123 48.4 122 48.0
4XL 133 52.4 124 48.8
5XL 143 56.3 126 49.6

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